Bashir Osman


Unity has been a great resource for me since it is open to many faiths and traditions. They have many classes, workshops, and prayer resources.

The main organization’s page, and that can be a starting point.

Would show you current classes and workshops being offered in Miami.

Silent Unity

24-hour linfor a quick prayer to shift or positive message.

Call 800-669-7729



Vipassana is a great meditation that is offered worldwide. They have 10-day silent meditation retreats that are offered in many places on a love offering basis.

Gayle Zalduondo

Path of Azul

I’ve been a seeker much of my life and Azul is the most profound and transformation work I’ve experienced so far. It’s a heart centered path awakening to love. Azul now has a monthly portal you can join for $20 per month which is a great way to nurture yourself and support you on your path to thrive.

Pam Gregory

Pam Gregory Astrologer shares astrological events 2 x per month on Youtube channel. I alway find her spot on.

Life Force


Life force Academy is a wonderful yoga resource featuring Jai Dev
This monthly subscription is totally worth it. It offers weekly classes, yoga challenges, training intensives depending on your preference. It’s an easy way to keep spiritually fit in the comfort of your home at a time that works for you.

Global Sisterhood

Global Sisterhood helps women heal, evolve and rise. They offer amazing women circles and a 30 day phase of the moon course that helped me reconnect to natures ebb and flow.

Dee Ann Treadway

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Dee anne has been involved in Jalen’s life for a long time as pictured aboveThey continue to be a big part of each other’s lives. Big brothers Big Sister is an importance organization impacting many

Les Brown

Another one of Dee Anns favorites can be watched on YouTube.

“It’s time to get over it”
Les Brown

Emma Cuba

On Being Podcast

I am a huge fan of Krista Tippett and the On Being podcast. The conversations are for everyone who is curious about diving deeper into life! Krista Tippett is an inspiration for the kind of person I hope to be in my life. Her podcasts are grounding and eye opening.

Supersoul Conversations

Supersoul Conversations- this has been my bible for the past 5 years. Oprah heals all wounds. Truly.

NTS Radio

NTS RADIO- I am crazy about music and so NTS radio is the perfect place to find new music to move and groove to, cook to or create to. They have new mixes everyday, many from vinyl and underground artists. You can find your favorite genre of music and go from there…. careful… it’s addicting.

Open Awareness Buddhist Center

Open Awareness Buddhist Center- I started coming here when I was 15 and in the midst of an extremely difficult moment of my life. In these formative years, the Buddhist Center became a beacon of light and a home for me and my family. I still go there regularly and love to spend time with Lama Karma Chotso. The Buddhist Center offers Buddhist teachings for any level, yoga classes on Sundays, and retreats.