Monthly Events

Earth Clean Up + Yoga

In collaboration with Sea Keepers International at Morningside Park, Miami.

Healing Circles

In collaboration with Maria Romero we offer healing circle under the Banyan trees at Morningside Park, Miami

Serving Saturday

Still being planned but in the works. We will soon serve at an Urban Garden in Overtown.

Planting seeds of change

“The connections between climate and racial justice are inextricable.”

Yerina Mugica

By restoration or ‘rewilding’ our urban environments there is an opportunity to reconnect people with the wonder of nature. As people become more comfortable in nature, they develop a stronger connection to the natural world around them.

Reconnecting people with nature

Is a self-sustaining process as they become more familiar, and develop a stronger sense of connection to the natural world around them.

“The connections between climate and racial justice are inextricable,”

Yerina Mugica

An Urban Garden

The Urban Garden is a collaboration between Urban Philanthropies and Awareness into Action. It’s an urban edible garden located in the heart of Overtown in Miami.

Inspire and Educate

We provide programming to inspire, educate to support wellness, resiliency and to gather in community to foster racial, gender, and earth equity.

Taste Food From the Garden

We aim to increase access to environmental education, wellness and healthy eating for children and families who reside in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Bounce Back Better Program

Our initiatives are dedicated to fostering earth, gender, and racial equity. We aim to educate and serve in order to promote well being and support our environment and resiliency within the community.

Beyond an Urban Garden

Our greater vision includes a community market. A place where local farmers and artisans can sell produce to community members in need of healthy foods.