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Resilience +

This committee handles all matters that relate to Wellness and Resiliency initiatives including community outreach

Weekly Meditations

Thursday Gathering

Community Healing

Clean Up

Serving Saturdays

Seeds of Change

This committee works on all things that related to The Seeds of Change Program

Mindfulness – Bring your awareness inwards

Design, plant and maintain the edible garden in Overtown

Papaya Project

Provide programing to inspire ,educate and gather in community to foster earth, gender and racial equity

Rewilding Cities Initiative

Help create events, programs and trainings on Social Justice and Resilience.

Marketing and Public Relations Committees

A communications committee handles all matters that relate to communicating with donors, stakeholders and others.

Communications Duties

This committee oversees newsletters, official communications, social media platforms, online presence and contact with the media.

Telling our story and enhancing our look and feel.


The finance committee is responsible for making sure financial reports are accurate.

Organization’s Budget

They also oversee the organization’s budget and perform other duties like establishing reserve funds, lines of credit and investments.

Implementation of Grants

Research and implementation of grants and crowdfunding ,and funding campaigns