“If you come together with a mission and its grounded with love and a sense of community, you can make the impossible, possible”

John Lewis

As we reflect on the words of John Lewis we are reminded of the importance of “love in action.”

Let’s take a moment to think about our own healing and what it takes to heal as a community.

We see strong evidence of suffering from racial injustice, gun violence and the way people treat one another.

Let’s take a moment to pause

A time to listen…

From that place, change and healing can happen

Join us on the journey towards kindness and love in action

Welcome to our loving community.
We are Awareness Into Action

We provide Experiences and initiatives where we can gather in the community as well as opportunities both individually and collectively connect, heal, and serve together.

We are a social impact organization providing a positive response to relevant issues in our community and our world.

our mission

We are an inspired, kind, and loving community promoting growth and social change for the good of all.


To heal generational and collective trauma and nurture loving human-kind

our mission

We are an inspired, kind, and loving community promoting growth and social change for the good of all.


To heal generational and collective trauma and nurture loving human-kind

Our Objectives

Provide a social response to what’s happening in
our world and our community.

Acknowledge systemic racism, poverty, poor health
and lack of connection to each other and the earth and take action to foster change for the
good of all.

Create Alliances, partnerships and collaborations with other
aligned strategic partners and organizations that propel us to reach our mission to
grow and thrive together.

Join Our Community

If you share our vision of Growth + Social Change for the good of all there are three way you can be part
of our community.

Our Cherished Collaborators

The International SeaKeepers Society

International Sea Keepers Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focusing on the health of the world’s oceans and climate. Their primary focus is on DISCOVERY Yachts program, in which they connect privately owned vessels to scientists that they may be provided access to the ocean for research, scientific discovery, educational outreach, community engagement and artistic inspiration.

In addition to this work, they believe that the key to resolving plastic pollution is prevention of single use plastics and waste management.

Sea Keepers partner with Awareness into Action to facilitate many of these cleanups while providing participants with the opportunity to clear their mind and connect to their environment through yoga.

EuGene Gant

For over 18 years, EuGene Gant has been serving the community with practical yogic teachings that encourage a conscious lifestyle ~ healthy body, clear mind. EuGene combines Shakti Naam Yoga therapies, tantric breathing techniques, and meditation, fused with empowering mantras, and plenty of laughter.

His passion and purpose in teaching are to assist people in achieving their highest human potential by helping them activate and “feel themselves”. This is accomplished through the practice of Shakti Naam Yoga, Harmonium Healing (Holy Kabbalistic healing modality), ancient mantra mediation, and the practical application of Universal Kabbalah.

We are grateful to partner with Eugene and our monthly Costal Cleanups, where he expertly guides us through and experiential practice reminding us once again that we are connected to each other, mother earth and something bigger that ourselves

Maria Rosa Romero

Maria Rosa Romero is a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine and an Acupuncture Physician Her private practice, located in Miami Beach.

She bases her work on the belief that healing needs integration of both modern knowledge with the wisdom of ancient modalities. Utilizing both acknowledges the diversity and uniqueness of everyone.

Maria has dedicated herself to the enhancement of neurological awareness, integrating universal principles of spirituality and holistic health as part as her practice and self-development.

In 2014, Maria Rosa Romero became the co-founder of “The Wu Project”, a nonprofit organization dedicated to training healthcare workers in remote rural areas in the ”barefoot” Traditional Chinese Medical model.

Maria Rosa Romero was proud to be named as one of the 25 most powerful women in 2019 by People Magazine En Español.

We are grateful to partner with her in bringing her healing magic to our Miami community.

Sofia Villalonga

Sofia Villalonga is an artist and educator who graduated from New World School of the Arts high school in 2016. Sofia Has participated in permaculture internships, farm work, urban gardening, and environmental education. She is pursuing her degree to become a teacher in early childhood. She works as a garden educator in elementary and pre-school centers throughout Miami, offering hands-on lessons to children on growing food, environmental science, and creating native habitats.

Designing for Awareness into Action, Sofia captured our mission to promote growth and resilience in our community through holistic and earth-centered practices. She used flora and fauna that symbolize resilience and represent the biodiversity in South Florida.

Meet The Board

Gayle Zalduondo


Dee Anne Treadway

Board Member


Vice President