Our 2020 Report

Overtown Youth


We have donated gifts during Christmas in partnership with Partnering with LPGA Amateur Golf Association of Miami Shores . We continue to stay active in the Overtown Youth Center community on a weekly basis and plans to be a part of an Overtown community initiative are currently underway.

Deeanne Treadway is the recipient of the Server of the Year Award.

She has consistently committed her time weekdays at the Overtown Youth Center, whether administering food distribution, backpack or christmas giveaways. Deanne is there walking the walk and bringing Awareness into Action. That you Deanne for holding the High watch of Awareness into Action. You’ve been a supporter, a presence and a terrific board member since the beginning. Thank you for keeping the faith alive and keeping the vision strong.

Robin from Overtown Youth Center and Deanne from AIA preparing to distribute food to the residents of Overtown

Deanne Treadway volunteering Monday morning at OYC Miami in December 2020 to help distribute hot lunches and boxed produce. Here she is pictured distributing a bookbag and toiletries to the community. Deanne is in Overtown every week serving the community she loves.

Partnering with LPGA Amateur Golf Association of Miami Shores / Miami Shores Country Club to donate Christmas Gifts to kids at Overtown Youth Center.

We had the honor of having Lama Karma Chötso as our guest for an evening filled with gratitude and compassion.

Gratitude zoom session including meditation with Open Awareness Buddhist Center

Our Volunteers polishing copper bowls at the Open Awareness Budhhist Center in El Portal getting the copper bowls polished and sparkling ready to celebrate the Tibetan New Year.

Serving Saturdays

Awareness into action is embarking on Serving Saturdays as a place for the community to give back and be of service. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with a kind and caring community who wants the world to be a better place make a difference one step at a time. We will have plenty of opportunities to serve in the Urban Garden in Overtown later this year. Check back soon on our interactive calendar for events and service opportunities.

Mindful high
watch 2020

In collaboration with Suzanne Jewell, we created Mindful High Watch and gathered in a virtual community for 8 weeks. Suzanne artfully guided us in mindful practice and in heartfelt conversations that touched upon relevant topics with our special guests.


are our way to connect with like minded people to explore our values of Awareness. In 2020, we had 8 Thursday evenings virtual gatherings on Zoom where we discussed relevant issues with our guests.

Mindfulness Training Program

Teaches practices for a mindful path to life. This program is a portal to a kinder, more responsible world for ourselves, our families and the greater community. We also host this training for kids.

Topics We Address

Mindfulness of the Body & Wellbeing, Breath & Covid, Elements & Climate Change, Loving kindness, Compassion & Democracy, Race & Social Justice, How to cultivate a positive outlook for the future.


With Juliana Tafur Founder of Orkide films, Producer of List(e)n

of Race

With Rev Kev Kitrell Ross Social Justice Activist, Unity Minister, Author

Urban Sustainability

With Phil Bacon, Urban Philanthropies President

and Faith

With Anne Alexander two times NYTIMES best seller, contributing editor for Mindful Magazine, Editor in Chief of Natural Health

Election Mindfulness

How do we heal with Maria Rosa Romero Dplmtin Oriental Medicine, Acupuncturist, Healer, Co-founder of The Wu Project

Mindfulness & Business

With Tony Cho founder
of Metro One and Co Founder of Chozen Retreat

Mindfully managing Mental Wellness

With Jill Merell co founder of Merrell Family Foundation, TBI Survivor, Train the brain PBC Sponsor

Our Mindful Highwatch initiative was a way to build inner awareness as well as a community in a nimble and engaging way during these transformative times.